Oakville and Burlington Guitar Lessons


Why Take Guitar Lessons With Me?

It’s my job to identify both the wants and needs of a guitar student and to also understand why they are taking guitar lessons. Being able to do this allows me to deliver the best possible guitar lesson with each individual; hence, a lesson that is customized to that individual. It is also my job to make sure that no matter what we work on, students are learning, having fun, and retaining what is learned.

Let’s say that you’re only interested in one specific guitarist or artist, that’s perfectly fine. There is a substantial amount of information that can be learned from their material about chords, scales, technique, and composition. Once a song is completed a student will not only play the song well but will also understand the theory behind a song and be able to compare and contrast other songs, bringing you one step closer to becoming a self sustaining student.

A self sustaining student is one that can effectively guide their own progress by identifying some of their own strengths and weaknesses. This type of student also has the ability to problem solve weak areas in their guitar playing and develop their own practice techniques while seeking out professional instruction.

Ages (6 & Up):

I try to maintain an even distribution between students within two age brackets (children/teens and adults). Most of us fit into one or a combination of the Fleming learning categories, which are visual, aural, and tactile.  However, this model is  only a part of the learning equation as the principles surrounding adult and child education are different.   As a result, I like to maintain the skills needed for different teaching approaches by balancing my student roster; this ensures that I deliver the most effective teaching method in your lesson.

Guitar Styles:

Jazz, Blues, Rock, Metal, Classical, Folk, Fingerstyle, Country, Reggae, Ska, Punk, R&B, Funk, etc…

The fact is, all music requires the same musical tools to achieve the sounds unique to a certain style. What changes between styles is the emphasis on certain concepts and the techniques required to perform them.

Other Services (Students Only):

I offer my guitar students a discounted rate (compared to in-store pricing) on repairs, music books, guitar strings, picks and small accessories.  All guitar repairs are done by an extremely well know technician who also works with many of the stores in the GTA and surrounding areas.  Stores typically mark up a guitar repair technicians rate by 50%-200%; students can save quite a bit, by sending out repairs through me.


Guitar lessons are conducted privately at my home studio, which is located near the Burlington/Oakville border. The studio is equipped with industry standard recording equipment, which can be utilized during guitar lessons and incorporated into the lesson plan for those interested in learning more about music technology.

Cancellation Policy:

Once every calendar quarter, you may cancel a guitar lesson with 24hrs notice and receive a make-up.