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Welcome to JWR GUITAR


Guitar, Bass, & Piano Lessons in Oakville & Burlington


To professional musicians, music is comparable to speaking another language.  We don’t need to think about speaking, it’s just something that we’re able to do.  However many musicians and students struggle with distractions when they play; whether it be shapes on the neck, key centers, or even song form. Beside instructing the various aspects of  music, my goal is to also help guitar students perform without these distractions.  Let’s call this ability intuition; it’s my hope that on some level, you’ll be able to play the guitar intuitively.


Guitar and piano lessons at JWR Guitar are taught using a refreshing approach to lessons that identifies and focuses on your specific interests as a student.  Within your specific interests lies the key to what you need to learn from a theoretical and practical standpoint.  Isolating your interests and needs as a student will help make your goals clear, attainable, and most of all…FUN!  JWR Guitar is located near the border of Oakville and Burlington making it easily accessible to guitar and piano students in both areas.


Check out the Oakville & Burlington Guitar Lessons page to read more or click the following link to book a free trial lesson/assessment today!